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Don’t Forget To Eat!

But wait! Random Blogger Man, how could we forget to eat? Doesn’t make much sense. Well, you’re right, but there’s eating, and then there’s Eating.

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Buy The Damn Accessories

When it comes to accessories, I am someone who will usually bite the bullet and give them a shot. Sometimes…being a guy can be a bit pricey.

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Blackstone Griddle

What makes the Blackstone so special, and sets it apart from every single piece of outdoor cookware you will ever own? It remembers.

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Sous Vide

It’s time to start cooking all of your food in a zip-lock bag in water slightly warmer than your hot tub. Unless you’re cooking fish, then you might…

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Kitchen Must Haves

There are 5 things you will need in your kitchen. Always! 1. Onions 2. Garlic 3. Mushrooms (just regular…no need to get all fancy) 4. Salt 5. Pepper

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BBQ & Hot Summer Days

The sun is out and so thoughts naturally turn to eating – and cooking – al fresco. Don’t just throw a few boring bangerson the barbecue though: a simple marinade

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