Buy The Damn Accessories


When it comes to accessories, I am someone who will usually bite the bullet and give them a shot. Sometimes…being a guy can be a bit pricey.  That is usually the case when it comes to our toys.

You won’t be dissapointed!

This is where having a passion for outdoor cooking and grilling can really come in handy and feed (pun intended) our need for toys and accessories without breaking the bank! Let me share with you the perfect example of what I mean.

While sitting in my favorite chair in the backyard (I refer to it as my Grill of Thrones seat…my significant other calls it my snore-enabler lounger) I can see two of my most prized toys.  My Jet Ski and my Charbroil Giant 11 inch shovel style spatula!

One of them cost $10,000 and the other one cost $20.00.  Can you guess which one I use more?  Which one do you think has put a smile on more people’s faces?  Yup….the $20.00 spatula!  Which brings me to “Grill Gooda” Rule # 19 (cheesy, I know)… Don’t resist the temptation…Always buy the accessories.  

Accessories make the job easier.  Accessories give you more options.  Accessories unlock the ability to create dishes you could never handle before…and for the most part, accessories won’t shatter your budget.  No matter what brand or type of grill, smoker or outdoor meat and veggie cooking-contraption you own, accessories for it are available so follow Rule # 19 and get them!  Just do it! (No swoosh intended.) Get as many as you can.

Put them on your “good boy” Christmas list.  Heck… put them on your “naughty boy,” Christmas list as you might as well cover your bases.  Drop LOUD hints when you pass by them in the store.  When asked “why you want one?” don’t be afraid to respond with “why not?”  Remind your family that hundreds and even thousands of dollars are spent on accessories for your vehicle….and you can’t prepare life-giving sustenance on your car!

Cooking or grilling accessories seldom cost over $50.00, they are usually built to last, they make your life easier while preparing amazing dishes and they can even be fun to use.  Sure, you can balance a whole chicken on top of a beer can to create an amazing “Beer-Butt- Chicken,” that is…until it tips over. You can also be rudely reminded of the heat induction capabilities of aluminum when you struggle to pull that Pabst Blue Ribbon can out of the body cavity of your bird!

What if it’s not beer you want infused in your chicken?  Even if it is Pabst beer (did they really win a Blue Ribbon?).  What if you want to infuse orange juice, teriyaki or bourbon into your gourmet bird?  Have you ever tried to funnel “sweet & sour,” sauce into a beer can?

Instead, man up and spend $13.00 on a beautiful, ceramic, wide-based standing chicken roaster!  You can fill it with anything!  You can stand it anywhere without fear of it tipping over and once you have finished feeding that amazing, juicy, golden brown fowl to your lovely family….you don’t have to feel guilty about them ingesting an aluminum marinated chicken!

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy a car without a radio (accessory) or air-conditioning in Florida (accessory) or a spare tire (unbelievably…an accessory) so why pass on what can make your grilling or cooking experience more enjoyable?!  So….buy the damn accessories, you won’t be disappointed!