Blackston Grill


What makes the Blackstone so special, and sets it apart from every single piece of outdoor cookware you will ever own?

It remembers!


Every single person reading this has been to A House Of Waffles…a truck stop, an all American diner, a neighborhood burger institution, or one of those culinary Parthenon’s that only lives in your bucket list!

There’s a reason every one of those experiences is different and spectacularly unforgettable in their own way……there’s a reason you take one bite, and you know you’re tasting something you can never re-create at home!

Its because those grills remember.

They remember every single burger, onion, mushroom, steak, egg, a slice of bacon, toasting bun, every grain of spice and every damn drop of sauce. Their flat top is their history, and history can never be duplicated. But luckily, we aren’t talking about their history’s, now we can finally talk about your history! Start to build your legend in the backyard!! Technology is wonderful, but on the road to ease, and convenience we lose something. Look at all the ‘nonstick’ pans out there with every coating known to man on them. We’ve gone from Teflon to ceramic to stone to ‘titanium’. Come on. Titanium? Titanium is $661 per 100g. That’s about the size of a chocolate bar. That pan….with all that titanium in it….is $10. And worst of all, none of it remembers. As soon as you wipe it, that memory is gone. There’s no history. There’s no heart. There’s no soul. There’s no chance that anyone is ever going to fight over who gets that family pan. You know the one. The one that tells stories from generations of cooks going back to grandma,  great grandma, or longer!

Even though it isn’t worth a dime, its one of the most valuable things we own. Its made meals and memories for hundreds of my family over generations, their friends and their neighbors. I want it because it remembers my family history, and will for all time. Its personal, and I can taste it with every bite of food dished out of it. But with other cookware, every time you clean it, it just all goes away. Maybe thats your thing, but in the world of Blackstone, I want the meal I cook on it this year to pale in comparison to the exact same meal a year later and year after that. Because the Blackstone grill is learning about me. My family. My neighbors. What I like to eat. How I want it to taste, and the second I took it out of the box and fired it up, it has promised me I would never be disappointed.  I’m writing my family history on my Blackstone grill and every single breakfast lunch, dinner, or midnight tenderloin cubed steak with caramelized baby belle mushrooms is going to be etched in its memory. It can’t be erased and it can’t be wiped away. And this ain’t no Teflon or ceramic that runs scared from a metal utensil, and hides quivering at the thought of a steel pad! Nope,  you’re not gonna find those warnings here. This isn’t some sort of fancy gimmick or today’s latest craze that will eventually fall to the wayside to let the next ‘miracle cookware’ through. Nope. This is the sexiest 36 inches cold rolled steel you’ll ever see. Period. Capable of anything you throw at it.

And it will remember.

So grab your steaks and press them on hard!! Enjoy that sizzle! Drop a giant pile of mushrooms, onions, and butter onto the grill and watch them dance!! Make some noise with those spatulas!! Have fun! You’re not gonna chip anything, you’re not gonna scratch it, dent it, hurt it, nothing!  Treat that thing like it owes you money! Flip and toss those mushrooms!!! Witness them turn that color of gold you thought was some sort of special culinary trick only the chef knows. Flip that steak and look at the crust. You’ve never seen anything like it at home. Now look up and see that you’re not alone!! The whole family is there!! All the guests have gathered to see whats going on, and that’s when you get to create share your family history on the griddle. But its only one page, so keep cooking! Your great grandchildren will appreciate it.