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Register for Marc's new Give-Away Challenge!

The Bradley Smoker Professional P10

Holiday meals are coming up!  Join in for a chance to win a great smoker for all year long! I'm giving one away.

Please watch the video and see the rules for the Give-Away below.

To watch this Challenge Video on YouTube, CLICK ON THE TITLE ↓

October 2021 - BRADLEY SMOKER Give-Away


Register your name and email, then answer the 5 questions before 7:00 PM(EST) on October 20, 2021
Each answer has to have at least three letters. Please type in the words, not numbers! (For example, don’t enter “8”, instead write “eight”.)


If you submit the answers, you get a chance to win a brand new BRADLEY SMOKER PROFESSIONAL model P10.

Enjoy a no babysitting, no hassles experience.

Fully automatic, the smoker allows you to simply load Bisquettes and smoke for up to 10 hours.
The 4 Rack 1000W Food Smoker is perfect for professional chefs and food smoking fans
Improved temperature accuracy! Heat up and recovers the temperature, quickly.
Features dual temperature probes to measure the internal temperature of your recipes. Perfectly done, always!
Easy controls let us you choose the time, temperature, and amount of smoke. You get consistent, deliciously-smoked results. Every time!
Completely insulated and digital.  Professional grade 76L stainless steel body design.
Exclusive smart smoking with up to 50 of your favorite recipes. Specifically designed so you can create and download using a USB stick. Controlling, time, smoke, and temperature for the perfect recipe.
Bradley Bisquettes are sold separately. Find them on or on Amazon, at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Depot.  They’re sold all over the world!

If you want to LEARN MORE about the Bradley Smoker, click on this link to their website:
Watch the video and spend 7 minutes with me to see what I’m talking about …and if you decide to buy something on the Bradley web site, you get a 10% discount by using the code: marc10

  MotG October 2021 Give-Away – Rules and Regulations
From 5 PM EST on October 10, 2021 and closes at 7:00 PM EST on October 20, 2021.
  1. Contest opens at 5:00PM EST on October 10, 2021 and closes at 7:00 PM EST on October 20, 2121.
  2. To enter and be eligible to win, entrants must be a legal resident of any of the United State of America’s (continental 48 states) and Canada; and be eighteen years of age or older. Employees and the parents, siblings and children, and persons domiciled with an employee of Marc’s on the Grill, LLC and any other organizations, media or businesses, who assist or aid in the contest are ineligible to enter.
  3. No purchase is necessary. Limit of one (1) entry per person per contest.
  4. The 1st Prize is awarded with one (1) Bradley Smoker Professional model P10.  Marc’s on the Grill, LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen prizes.
  5. The potential winners will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries received on-line on at approximately 7:30 PM EST on October 20, 2021 These entries, on-line only, are restricted to one (1) entry per participant. The selected entrants must first answer five (5) questions related to a Marc’s on the Grill video, based on a web-page form on  Before being awarded a prize potential winners will be required to sign and return by October 21, 2021 by email or instant messenger, a full release and indemnity form stating that he/she has read and understood the Contest Rules and Regulations, grants all consents required, and authorizes Marc’s on the Grill, LLC to broadcast, publish and disseminate his/her name, city of residence, photograph, likeness, sobriquet and voice, in connection with any promotion or publicity, and/or for general news, entertainment and information purposes at no additional compensation to the potential winners, beyond the awarding of or participation in the prizes.
  6. If for any reason, one of the Prize entrants (or his or her parent or legal guardian) cannot be reached by email within three (3) days, he/she will forfeit the prize and contest officials reserve the right, but not the obligation, to draw another entry.
  7. The prizes are non-transferable or convertible to cash. Contest winners will be mailed the prize by a registered carrier.  The winners will be sent tracking information for the delivery.  Once in the hands of the carrier, Marc’s on the Grill, LLC is not responsible for the prizes being damaged, stolen or otherwise missing.
  8. Personal information provided on the entry form (name and email address) will be used by Marc’s on the Grill, LLC to administer the contest. Certain information provided (such as postal codes and age) will also be aggregated by the Marketing Director of Marc’s on the Grill, LLC or designate to provide market data, but will not be identifiable by individual.
  9. By registering, participants agree to receive product related notifications from Marc’s on the Grill, LLC and promotional partners.
  10. This contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and municipal laws.
  11. By entering, all contestants release and agree to hold harmless Marcs on the Grill, LLC, any equipment manufacturer, retailer or agency operating with Marc’s on the Grill, LLC, any of their respective directors, officers, partners, employees and agents of all such parties and any prize suppliers (collectively, the “RELEASED PARTIES”) from and against any and all liability for any injuries, damages to persons (including death), damages to personal property or any loss whatsoever (collectively “LOSSES”) causes directly or indirectly, in whole or in party, by the contestants’ participation in the contest, including but not limited to Losses arising from: (a) the contestant’s acceptance, use or misuse of any prize awarded on the contest; (b) any act or omission made by any Released Party; third party (including any other Contestants) or the Contestant himself/herself; (c) any latent or apparent defect or condition in any equipment used in the contest; (d) any previous medical condition of the Contestants; (e) the administration of any first aid, medical or emergency treatment or other services rendered to the Contestant; and/or (f) the consumption of food or drink by the contestant.
  12. Marc’s on the Grill, LLC is not responsible for lost, misplaced, misdirected, illegible or damaged entries or entries submitted after the contest deadline. Marc’s on the Grill may at is sole discretion alter, amend, suspend or cancel this contest or amend Contest Conditions at any time.  Decisions of Marc’s on the grill are final.  All entrants must meet and comply with all Contest Conditions.  Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification and prize forfeit.
  13. Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media platform are not responsible for this promotion and contest, in any shape or form.


Q1. What makes the Bradley Smoker different, in your opinion? [Please write your answers just on one line.]

Q2. What makes the smoke “cleaner” on the Bradley? [Please write your answers just on one line.]

Q3. What does the Bradley Smoker use to make smoke? [Please write your answers just on one line.]

Q4. TRUE or FALSE: The Bradley Smoker has separate heat and smoke controls.

Q5. What was the last outdoor cooking equipment you bought and when did you buy it? [Please write your answers just on one line.]